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in User-Centred Design

User-Centred Design is the mindset of designing and developing an application with the end-user in mind, rather than the application itself. It’s been proven that organisations that apply this approach consistently outperform their competitors and derive greater ROI than companies who are still relying on outdated approaches (that worked in the past).

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Liesl Damian-Harris

Head of L&D at Ogilvy SA

"Red & Yellow is the perfect higher educational provider to partner with for a Learnership. The guidance and support from senior leaders to operational implementation has made coordinating two learnerships a breeze for Ogilvy SA. Thanks for the phenomenal support to both Ogilvy SA and our learners in making this happen!”

Jude James

Head of Market Intelligence at Tiso Blackstar Group

"Red & Yellow very successfully closes the distance gap with the online learnership. The tremendous support from the team negates the issues most often experienced with distance learning. The tutorials facilitate peer discussion, the different types of video keep the interest levels up, the links to additional resources make it convenient to follow topics of interest, and the constant support from the Programme Coordinators keep the students motivated and on schedule."

Help your teams approach problems with a new mindset

Equip your teams with the ability to create innovative human-centred digital solutions that’ll increase the likelihood of a project’s success, reduce development time, cut costs, improve customer satisfaction and impact positively on revenue.


  • Engage in the design-thinking process and then transfer these skills to their teammates
  • Use a variety of techniques to pinpoint and resolve user pain points
  • Design and prototype engaging, user-friendly interfaces
  • Manage and present a user-centred design project

360° Benefits of Learnerships

Smart organisations know that Learnerships deliver massive benefits on a number of levels:

  • Upskilled teams with future-focused skills that can be applied from day one, to bring a fresh approach and a new way of thinking into the company
  • All the B-BBEE, SETA, tax and social upliftment benefits of a learnership programme.
  • Social proof, and institutional integrity, that your organisation is at the forefront of social upliftment.

Learn more about what learnerships are and the benefits they hold for your organisation in the video below:


Avoid redundancy or irrelevance in an AI-flooded future. Red & Yellow courses are designed to develop your uniquely human skills - the ones that will set you apart from the robots, and teach you to think beyond the conventional.

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