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a Comprehensive Guide


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Did you know that by not submitting your WSPs, ATRs and any Discretionary Grant LOIs you are effectively allowing the SETA to use your levies to fund training programmes for other employers in your sector?

Learn how to get funding from the SETAs

This guide aims to give readers an understanding of the SETA landscape and the process of securing both Mandatory and Discretionary funding for SETA-accredited training interventions. It breaks down all the acronyms and jargon that can sometimes make this process feel a bit daunting and explains it in a way that is user-friendly. 

This guide covers the following topics:
  • An introduction to the SETA landscape
  • Where Skills Development Levies (SDLs) come from
  • PIVOTAL vs non-PIVOTAL training
  • How to determine which SETA you belong to
  • What WSPs, ATRs and LOI’s are and why you should submit them
  • How to make your annual submissions
  • WSP and ATR reporting: which training interventions to include
  • How participating in training affects your B-BBEE points


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