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Congrats Grads & welcome to the network


Congratulations on graduating. Hope you are super proud of yourself. We certainly are! As part of our extended family, there are two initiatives you now have access to:


Ensuring our Alumni are growing their careers in the best organisations is the most important thing to Red & Yellow. This is why we exist, and what prompted us to align our Red & Yellow talent with amazing career opportunities.

Please enter your details in the form on this page. Even if you’re not looking for a position right now or have already secured a job, you never know what exciting opportunities come down the line in future.


You are now part of our Alumni Network, which means you get exclusive benefits and savings from Red & Yellow and our lifestyle partners.

The full list of perks is listed on our website but we’ll mention a few to whet your appetite:

  • 10% off online courses

  • 5% discount for friends and family

  • Discounts on Apple products at Digicape

  • A whopping 37.5% discount on an annual Fast Company subscription

  • Up to 50% discount from uCook…. And so much more!


Here’s to your future!

Team Red & Yellow