Essential Guide to Understanding Learnership Programmes

a Comprehensive handbook


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A B-BBEE initiative, introduced by government, which offers bottom-line incentives for companies to drive transformation, through upskilling previously-disadvantaged youth with the education and training needed to become an active participant in the workplace. Learnerships not only affect change, but also add immense value back into the organisation.

Learnerships – when done right – combine three things we're really passionate about; high quality effective training, making a significant contribution to transformation and providing organisations with a wealth of benefits. If you’re considering running a learnership, but need a deeper understanding of how they roll out – we recommend you read this guide.

Fill in the form on the left to download the guide. It covers the following topics:  
  • What Learnerships are
  • The benefits they hold for organisations who run them
  • Why Learnerships were created
  • Why companies should consider running them
  • The difference between Employed and Unemployed Learnerships
  • What running a Learnership entails
  • What the requirements are for running them
  • How Learnerships differ from normal skills programmes


Our upcoming SETA-accredited Learnerships

Past Learnership programmes have proven the tremendous power they have

Liesl Damian-Harris
Head of Learning and Development, Ogilvy SA

Red & Yellow is the perfect higher educational provider to partner with for a Learnership. The guidance and support from senior leaders to operational implementation has made coordinating two learnerships a breeze for Ogilvy SA. Thanks for the phenomenal support to both Ogilvy SA and our learners in making this happen!

Jude James
Arena Holdings (Formally Tiso Blackstar)

The tremendous support from the team negates distance learning issues. Tutorials facilitate peer discussion, videos keep the interest levels up, additional resources make it convenient to follow topics of interest, and the constant support from the course coordinators keep the students motivated and on schedule.

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