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Get the skills to attract, manage and retain top-quality talent. Learn how to create a company culture that supports retention and engagement and gain practical skills to positively influence human behaviour, manage organisational change and develop both hard and soft skills in the workplace.

10 weeks online
6 - 8 hours / week
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Meet your lecturer

Chelsey Pienaar

Director, Valora and Red & Yellow Knowledge Partner

Holding a BBusSc. and MBusSc. in Organisational Psychology, Chelsey has designed, convened and lectured various university courses in people management, and continues to practice her skills as a change management consultant to companies, spanning industry-sectors from education to retail.

Meet your course designer

Robyn Hazekamp

Head of Instructional Design

Dog-lover and superhero-aficionado, Robyn pours her Masters degree in English and international lecturing experience into developing online courses that meet our rigorous Red & Yellow standards. She somehow also manages to find time to speak at conferences and contribute to our globally-acclaimed textbook.

Get a Certificate and the skills that’ll boost and advance your career.

This 10-week course will equip you with the sought-after, critical human skills that are essential in this tech-dominated present and future. Get the knowledge to lead and manage strong teams that align with your business objectives. During the course, you’ll take on real-world challenges, learn the balancing act between employee interests and business needs and gain exposure to the South  African employee performance and development legislation.

What you'll learn:

  • How to balance the complexities of individuals to create a culture that works for all stakeholder needs
  • The skills to design career paths, processes and workflows that support learning organisations
  • To respect the importance of soft’ skills with the ability to identify, recognise and develop them
  • HR fundamentals for new managers on how to best lead and manage teams


Course curriculum:

Module 01

Managing people in the era of Innovation

Module 02

People, organisations and behaviour

Module 03

Strategic HR for the Agile Organisation

Module 04

Talent attraction and selection

Module 05

Job design for a learning organisation

Module 06

The employee value proposition

Module 07

Performance, development and succession

Module 08

Employee wellbeing

Industry partnerships


Avoid redundancy in the tech-dominated future. Our courses are designed to harness your what sets you apart from the machines - your uniquely human skills.

Human touch

This online experience will be warm and engaging. Our great team will be on hand to guide and help you through the course and answer any of your questions.

Experienced and evolving

Our proven track is grounded in 25 years of experience. To give our students the best education, we constantly adapt to industry shift and changes.

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Over the course of my career, I have always used Red & Yellow as a first filter for advertising and marketing related hires, looking at the institution’s graduates first. Why? because they are always the ones who had business and commercial understanding over and above the advertising and creative side.

- Grant Webster, former heavy-hitter at Makro, Takealot, Look n Listen, Toy Kingdom, WeFix.

This course embodies current people management challenges and the most relevant best practices for dealing with them effectively.

- Chelsey Pienaar - Knowledge Partner