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Heighten engagement, amplify ROI, increase exposure and reach new audiences. This 10-week online course will take your social media from conventional to compelling by teaching you a range of practical tools,  strategies and valuable tactics.

10 weeks online
8 - 10 hours / week
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Meet your course producer

Su Little

With over 15 years of both digital agency and corporate social media, digital, CRM, strategy, e-commerce, experiential events and brand management experience under her belt, Su has won numerous industry awards and was the first South African to be recognised on the global list of Corporate Social Strategists. Su is a regular speaker at social media, digital and integrated marketing conferences.

Meet your course designer

Robyn Hazekamp

Head of Instructional Design

Dog-lover and superhero-aficionado, Robyn pours her Masters degree in English and international lecturing experience into developing online courses that meet our rigorous Red & Yellow standards. She somehow also manages to find time to speak at conferences and contribute to our globally-acclaimed textbook.

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What you'll learn:

  • Understand the potential social media holds for personal branding
  • Develop content for your brand and create a content calendar
  • Learn how to implement social advertising campaigns
  • Know how to use all major platforms, including Instagram, for your brand
  • Use social media to gain business intelligence and develop loyal fans
  • Learn how to manage communities and use social media for customer
  • Know how to measure and optimise your efforts using data analytics


Course curriculum:


Module 01:

Introduction to Social Media

Module 02:

Strategy and Planning

Module 03:

Implementation: Content

Module 04:

Paid Advertising on Social Media

Module 05: Implementation:

Community Relationship Management

Module 06:

Reporting and Analytics

Module 07:

Social Media (platforms / strategy / advertising)

Module 08:

Optimising (Data analytics / Conversion optimisation / Appendix)

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Our courses are designed to accelerate opportunities and give a boost to your CV. You’ll get the reputable signal that you have what it takes. The feedback we get from the industry is that many HR practitioners move grads to the top of the applicant pile.

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Trusted By

I am absolutely loving this course and am pleased to report that I am trying out new things on my own Facebook business profile (@greenroomhoutbay) and have seen an increase in reach, engagement and (yay!) bookings! Very encouraging after a tough winter in the guesthouse business!

- Katie Dijzel - Green Room Guest House Guesthouse

Our company’s social media accounts have had a massive hike in reach, engagements and overall performance on all platforms. I credit that mostly to all the skills I learnt in the Social Media Marketing course. I’m really impressed with how the course covered everything I needed to know. The results I have to show for our first month are beyond anything I expected.

- Bianca Rust, PR & Social Media at FRANK