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Did you know that frictionless UX design could potentially raise customer conversion rates up to 400%? User-Centred Design is the mindset of designing and developing a product, interface or service with the end-user in mind. It’s been proven that organisations that apply this approach consistently outperform their competitors and derive greater ROI than companies who are still relying on outdated approaches.

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Liesl Damian-Harris

Head of L&D at Ogilvy SA

"Red & Yellow is the perfect higher educational provider to partner with for a Learnership. The guidance and support from senior leaders to operational implementation has made coordinating two learnerships a breeze for Ogilvy SA. Thanks for the phenomenal support to both Ogilvy SA and our learners in making this happen!”

Dorcas Phakoe

Senior Resourcing Consultant, Absa

"I’ve been highly impressed with each and every team member I have dealt with; they’re proactive, professional, organised and their turnaround time was always good. No request that is too big or too small for the team. Every time I’ve dealt with them they have exceeded my expectations."

How this programme will set Learners apart

Learners will be taught how to design products, services, experiences and processes that focus on satisfying and solving user needs and challenges – turning them into loyal fans. They'll be exposed to the design-driven principles that power the most innovative companies and entrepreneurial minds in the world today. Learners will also develop a deep understanding of human behaviour and master powerful new complex-problem solving techniques.

Please note: This is an Employed Learnership and is thus reserved for employed individuals only. We are not currently accepting applications for unemployed Learners.


  • Research information related to user-centred and human-centred design
  • Analyse and review user-centred and human-centred design research
  • Engage in design-thinking processes and transfer these skills to your organisation
  • Produce user-centred solutions that meet specific project requirements
  • Design and prototype engaging, user-friendly interfaces
  • Manage and present a user-centred design project
  • Manage business processes in a design environment

Who should enroll?

This Learnership is suitable for existing designers wanting to upskill and produce design solutions that are user focused as well as anyone who's interested in adopting a User-Centred approach to imrpove their business strategies or pursue a role in User-Centred Design, Human-Centred Design and Customer-Experience related fields.

Maximise the B-BBEE efficiency of your training budgets

Our range of SETA-accredited Learnerships offer a variety of training and B-BBEE benefits:

  • Our unique human touch and high-quality course material will help Learners develop future-focused skills that can be applied from day one, to bring a fresh approach to problem-solving to your organisation.
  • Our world-class Learning Management System and fully-online approach allow Learners to access course material and complete assignments from anywhere around the globe whilst engaging with fellow learners and content experts.
  • Our Learnerships are SETA-accredited which means that businesses who run them are able to benefit from a wealth of B-BBEE, SETA Funding and tax benefits.

Learn more about what learnerships are and the benefits they hold for your organisation in the video below:

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We have always been digitally focused, delivering online education for over 10 years and pioneering online Employed Learnerships in South Africa. Our online approach gives clients the ability to effectively scale training across the organisation, country and the globe.

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We were founded by industry leaders. We’ve maintained that connection, developing course content with knowledge partners who are experts in their field. This connection ensures cutting edge content and tremendous credibility.

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Get a warm and engaging online experience from our incredible team. Our course coordinators, lecturers and Instructional Designers will guide and help you through our courses and will be glad to assist you in any way they can.

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